These are the pages of the Advanced Laboratory Course for Master students in physics and materials physics.

Since there is currently no introduction meeting possible, you will find a summary of relevant information about the Advanced Lab Course here.

Each of the moduls Advanced Lab Course for master students in physics or materials physics, part 1 and part 2 comprises the successful completion of five one-day experiments, whereby every single experiment requires a careful home preparation before and an extended data evaluation and documentation after the very date.

Both moduls will be offered within the summer and the winter term within and without the lecture times. Moduls commenced in one semester may be continued in the following, but have to be finished within one year latest. Alternatively, one of the moduls can be substituted by the course "Computerphysik 2" from the field of theoretical physics (condition of participation: "Computerphysik 1" or another adequate experience in the usage of numerical methods to solve scientific problems). The course "Computerphysik 2" is usually offered within the winter term. Another alternative are the courses "Physikalisches Experimentieren in der Medizin, part 1 and part 2" if focus is layed on "Physics in life sciences".

For Master students there are no general restrictions for the choice of experiments except the fact that no experiment may be booked again, which had already been finished during the Bachelor course. All experiments are assigned to the various topics of specialisation. If students have performed within both moduls five experiments from one focus area they can apply for a respective certification.